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Riga, LV-1007
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Around us


Riga Riverside Camping occupies around 1 hectare of a 15 hectare site that in Soviet days housed a large machinery manufacturing complex. The whole site is now gradually being redeveloped as a mixed residential, commercial and retail territory. A regional shopping centre is planned for half of the site. This area has been cleared and access roads to this development were built in 2012. As part of these roadworks the riverfront pedestrian and bicycle path from our camping to the city centre has been totally rebuilt and repaved. The other half of the former factory complex has already undergone partial mixed use redevelopment. In late 2011 one of Latvia's leading private Universities openned both its Architectural Faculty and Media & Communications Faculty in a Czar era 3 storey factory building of 5,000m2 next to our camping site. This building is one of Riga's most interesting loft style factory conversions. When visiting check with us about exhibitions and other functions that provide a chance to visit this building. Further development will see the University establish this area as their main campus.

Our camping occupies a quiet waterfront corner of the factory site that was formerly little used. Whilst our site awaits eventual more intensive development it has been landscaped and is now the largest area of private parkland of its kind so close to the City centre.

Pardaugava and Kipsala

Our camping site is in a part of Riga informally known as "Pardaugava". Pardaugava translates to "across the Daugava" and refers to that part of Riga that lies on the Western side of the Daugava river. Pardaugava's diversity makes it interesting. It is primarily a leafy residential area but between houses, large and small, are also old factories, offices and schools. The area houses a range of architectural styles notably including many historic timber buildings for which Riga is renowned. Areas of Pardaugava close to the Daugava river have been earmerked for high rise development, some of which is already underway. This includes the new National Library currently under construction.

Our staff can give you suggestions for walking and cycling routes across Pardaugava including notable restuarants and other features.


Riga is the largest city in the Baltic countries and historically has been an important regional centre. The following web sites can help you assess what the city has to offer.

  • www.liveriga.com - This is Riga City Council's official web site for tourists. It is a busy site filled with a wide range of tourist and visitor oriented information.
  • www.riga.lv - This is Riga Council's main official web site. It contains background information about Riga that sometimes has more depth than the tourist oriented site above.


The following web pages may help you plan an exploration of the Latvian countryside: 

  • www.celotajs.lv - Web site of Latvia's professional rural tourism association. A one stop site providing information and access to hundreds of rural accommodation establishments both large and small.
  • www.vietas.lv - This site identifies many places of interest across Latvia. Particularly use is its maps that identify with photos many places of interest across Latvia. If you have a route planned checking through the map may lead you to discover interesting unexpected stopovers along the way. Provides only partial translation into languages other than Latvian.
  • www.pilis.lv - Latvia has hundreds of historical manor houses and castles. These are among the most interesting buildings in the countryside. This is the site of the Lavian Castles and Manor Houses Association and provides  the most complete listing of and information about these buildings.
  • www.li.lv - The site of the Latvian Institute, a government established body charged with providing information and publicity about Latvia. This site contains good quality general information about Latvia and Latvians.