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Road to the city


The view of the newly constructed road and footpath/cycleway to the City centre from the southern edge of our territory. The cycle way is in use but the last 150 metres to our border is still to be asphalted. This should happen in the next few weeks.

The towers under construction in the picture will be one of Latvia’s most expensive apartment developments. Just before these towers is the main road into the City. Just across the river at this point is a large shopping centre.





The view from the same road and footpath looking north towards our site. We are located amongst the first trees that can be seen along the riverside. Just before our site this road makes a 90 degree turn inland.








Riverside Camping diary




Lilac (syringa vulgaris) in bloom. Lilacs are very resilient in Latvia's climate and, when in bloom, are a prominent feature of the Latvian country landscape. As Latvian agriculture becomes concentrated around larger land holdings many country homesteads have been abandoned. While most elements of the gardens that surrounded these homesteads gradually disppear the lilacs tend to survive indefinitely.

We have 2 clumps of self seeded lilac plants on our grounds both of which are now displaying white fragrant flowers.




Our oldest apple tree in full bloom. The picture is of a single tree. A large branch of this tree split in a storm a few years ago and fell to the ground. However, the branch did not fully separate from the tree and kept not only surviving but also producing lots of apples. This and the fact that these fruits are easily accessable has led us to resist the temptation of tidying the tree up.

Apart from this tree we have around ten other apple trees on our grounds. These are all younger self-seeded trees that have started producing apples in the last few years.

As with neigbouring countries apples are the most prominent fruit trees of Latvia.




1. Our largest chestnut tree in full bloom.

2. Our only pear tree, flowers for the first time.

3. Our small clump of dwarf serviceberry in bloom.


Dandelions in bloom. To many dandelions are simply lawn weed. However in Latvia they are possibly the most prominent field flowers in spring. This picture shows a foreground of dendelion blooms before mowing and a background of European ash trees (Fraxinus excelsior) still without leaves.

These ash trees are the oldest and tallest trees on our site.

Ash have been common in Latvian forests but over recent years has been heavily hit by ash dieback. We have numerous ash trees on our ground and fortunately, to date they have not been affected by the dieback disease.





c9a0ab.jpgOur small clump of sour cherry bushes (Cerasus vulgaris) is now flowering. These have established themselves in an unlikely spot at the southern edge of our property. Some are growing through cracks in concrete paving. They produced useful snack fruit last year.






214fa8.jpgBeaver damage along our riverfront. Beavers are actually common in the urban waterways of Riga. Our site has a 15 metre wide nature/pedestrian strip between the riverfront and the old 3 meter high iron railing fence that encloses our property. The beavers have never yet gotten through the fence but they intensively crop the trees and shrubs along the riverfront. Beavers chew trees most intensively in late autumn but this photogragh display early spring damage.

Observation over the years has lead us to conclude that they have a distinct preference for soft wooded trees. Most popular are willows and poplars followed by maples. Least popular are the harder woods of birch and ash though these are also eaten. We have begun protecting our most valued waterfront trees with wire mesh at their bases. To date this protection has been successful.


e6c194.jpg418bd2.jpgThe numerous plum trees in our territory are in full bloom this week. Most of these plums have appeared randomly from self seeding but we suspect some may be descendents of historic plantings from before this territory was a factory site.

The first picture looks south east from a spot close the north west border of our site. The second looks due east from the centre of our property.




The first blooms of spring. Spring in Riga has started late this year. These blue snowdrops together with some white snowdrops are the first blooms of spring at Riverside. The bulbs seem to be remnants of a long abandoned garden on our site. In the background, all trees are still bare.